Panattoni Europe’s third project for IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE – a 27,400-square-metre factory in Świdnica

Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate, will develop its third manufacturing facility for IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE. This time, the factory will be built in Świdnica, at the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Invest-Park, and will take up approx. 27,400 sqm. Construction works will commence as early as this April, and are scheduled for completion in Q4 of this year. The lease was mediated by the advisory firm Colliers International.

Panattoni Europe will develop a manufacturing facility for IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE – a manufacturer of vehicle interior parts and components, including textile linings, mats, coatings as well as moulded parts and sound damping components for dozens of car brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche. The new project will be built on a 9.2-hectare site in Świdnica at Pogodna Street. The planned factory featuring approx. 27,400 sqm will be divided into functional zones – the industrial section (approx. 25,000 sqm), comprising the production hall and warehouse, two unloading tunnels and technical facilities, as well as the social and office section, which will take up in excess of 2,000 sqm. The investment is scheduled for launch in the coming April and its completion is anticipated in Q4 of this year. The estimated cost of the entire project declared by IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE is 15.200.000 EUR (including investment and costs related with lease agreement). The lease was signed for 12 years, and the transaction was mediated by advisers from Colliers International.

The investment for IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE will be the third to be delivered by Panattoni Europe to this client. As Marek Foryński, Managing Director of BTS Group at Panattoni Europe comments: ‘A short while back, in 2017, we have built the company’s first factory in Poland, in Zielona Góra, and in 2014 – the manufacturing facility at Panattoni Park Stříbro in the Czech Republic. In Świdnica - like in the case of the previous developments – the modern manufacturing and warehousing hall is tailored to the requirements of IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE’. The facility will make interior finishing elements for passenger vehicles, including top shelves for trunks, loading floors and other textile interior components. To adapt the facility to the needs of technologies used in the manufacturing process, the structure of the hall will be reinforced, so that process installations can be suspended from it. Other special features will include above-standard ventilation, necessary to conduct the anticipated manufacturing processes, and the load-bearing capacity of the floor – in the industrial zone it will amount to 7-10 T/sqm, and up to 15 T/sqm locally. Some of the parts of the building will also be temperature-controlled. The facility will also house technical rooms, including: a compressor room, refrigeration plant, and accumulator plant. Outside the building, there will be more than 420 car parking spaces and 10 spaces for large trucks. 'The execution of such a complex project will be enabled not only by Panattoni’s experience in building advanced manufacturing facilities, but also by the mutual relationship with the tenant developed in earlier projects.” adds Marek Foryński.

IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE (headquarters in Germany) is one of the important suppliers for the automotive industry - the company has 16 production plants around the world (Germany, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and Poland) and employs a total of 4,500 people. IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE has a very good reputation both in business and as an employer - the company pays particular attention to the conditions and quality of work, as well as the lives of the employees. The ultimate planned number of employees in the new factory is up to 500 people. .

'IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE is one of Colliers regular Clients, and the factory in Świdnica is our second joint project in Poland. We started cooperation with searching for a suitable location, which would reduce the risks associated with the more and more demanding job market and fit into the company's development strategy in Europe. Demanding schedule of the project required a reliable partner. Together with the Client we have chosen Panattoni, the developer with extensive experience in construction of production plants for the automotive sector, which successfully finalized the first project for IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE in Zielona Góra', comments Łukasz Pańczyk, Senior Associate, Industrial and Logistics Agency, Colliers International.

IDEAL AUTOMOTIVE BTS will be erected in Lower Silesia, in the city of Świdnica, a short distance from the national road no 5, which links the city to the A4 motorway, and near the national road DK 35, which also intersects the A8 (motorway bypass of Wrocław). The investment will enjoy a strategic location between Berlin and Prague, which guarantees easy access to the manufacturing plants of Daimler, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen.