Warehouses: The biggest lease in Tricity – approx. 16,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Gdańsk III for LPP

Panattoni Europe, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, chosen by LPP SA – owner of brands including: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. The company has leased 16,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Gdańsk III, which will be dedicated to e-commerce. The complex is currently under development, and the tenant will be moving in already in Q3 2018.

Panattoni Park Gdańsk III is currently under development, and one of its first tenants is LPP SA – the largest clothing company in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the fastest-growing Polish clothes manufacturers, owner of such brands as Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. At Panattoni Park Gdańsk III, the company has leased 16,000 sqm, with 15,300 sqm taken up by warehouse space and offices occupying the remaining 700 sqm. The new space will be used by LPP as a central warehouse dedicated to Cropp, from where the brand’s online stores in 11 countries will be served as early as Q3 2018. The lease contract provides for an option to expand the space by an additional 5,000 sqm and is the biggest lease signed in Tricity this year.

E-commerce is en vogue. The new development by Panattoni Europe for LPP SA is a response to the company’s growing sales. As explained by Jacek Kujawa, Vice President of the Management Board of LPP: “In Q1 of this year the online sales of our collections went up by an astounding 139%. We anticipate that in 2018 we will manage to double them. Such growth dynamics pose significant logistics challenges before us and force us to expand our distribution network. By 2020, we are planning to invest as much as PLN 0.5 billion in the development of our logistics resources. The lease of warehouse space at Panattoni Park Gdansk is a part of that process. Today, clothing brands must operate logistics several times faster than even a few years ago. The client, particularly in e-commerce, is expecting nearly instant delivery of their order.”

For this reason, LPP has decided to dedicate the space leased at Panattoni Park Gdansk III to e-commerce. The facility is anticipated to provide 300 jobs, delegated to online order fulfilment. Employees will be guaranteed free transport to the complex, and that is why the developer will be putting in a lay-by with two bus stops at the park. For those who prefer to commute by bicycle, in turn, a special bicycle parking shelter will be provided. The facility itself will undergo BREEAM environmental certification aiming for a Good rating. Throughout the facility, LED lighting will be used, with dynamic control systems in permanent work locations. They will adapt the intensity of lighting to the presence of natural light – during bad weather or transient cloud cover, artificial lighting will be enhanced.

According to Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director, Panattoni Europe, “The development of e-commerce promotes growth in warehouse space volumes, generating the need for further square metres of logistics space and increased staffing. As a developer, we are ready for it, offering top locations dedicated to handling online sales. They are situated close to consumer markets, with access to adequate road infrastructure and qualified workforce. The ability to expand the space leased is also an advantage that does not go unnoticed by our clients, and that is why when developing projects, we always have an eye on the future growth of our tenants, with Panattoni Park Gdansk III as the best example.”

Panattoni Park Gdańsk III is a distribution centre which will comprise two modern warehouse halls totalling nearly 64,000 sqm. The complex is being built 10 km from Gdańsk city centre and 10 km from the airport in Rębiechowo, as well as 15 km from the Gdańsk airport. The location makes for great visibility of the warehouse and convenient connections to exit routes out of Tricity. The direct vicinity of the S6 and S7 expressways and the A1 motorway creates ideal conditions for businesses which depend on efficient transport, while the space offered at the complex can be easily adapted to the tenants’ individual needs, whether in the logistics, distribution or manufacturing capacity.