Panattoni establishes green structures – Emilia Dębowska appointed as Sustainability Manager

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, expands its sustainability structures. Emilia Dębowska who has worked for Panattoni for over 5 years, was appointed to the new position of Sustainability Manager. Upon the appointment she will be responsible for the implementation of new, environmentally-friendly standards in the developer’s investment projects in accordance with the Go Earthwise with Panattoni concept.

For a few years now Panattoni has been increasingly stressing the application of environmentally-friendly and prosocial solutions in its facilities. In accordance with the Go Earthwise sustainability concept adopted by the company, all of Panattoni’s new investment projects are characterized by, among other things, reduced CO2 emissions (thanks to, e.g. enhanced insulation of walls and roofs), concern for the environment and workforce well-being. Works to develop the new concept continued for over a year. September 2019 marked the delivery of Panattoni’s first facility consistent with the well-being concept with glazed façades enhancing access to natural light. In the early 2020 the developer introduced mandatory BREEAM Very Good rating certification for all of its new investment projects. Since May 2020 a new concept of green areas with leisure zones and flower meadows has been implemented. Appointed to the position of Sustainability Manager in July 2020, Emilia Dębowska co-authored the changes.

Emilia Dębowska has worked for Panattoni since May 2015. Previously holding the position of the Marketing Manager, she was also responsible for marketing activities related to Panattoni’s green solutions. Regularly developed competencies in sustainability, including analyzing the most effective European solutions applied, inter alia, in England, Holland, Germany and Czechia, partnering with the best landscaping architects and above all experience and finding a passion other than marketing resulted in her sharing responsibility for the development and pilot implementation of new environmentally-friendly solutions in Panattoni’s investment projects. Now her competencies will include the management of Panattoni Go Earthwise concept and its development.

“Appointing the Sustainability Manager at Panattoni only attests to the fact that there is no turning back from the sustainability concept we have been implementing. Quite the contrary, it is now our credo. As a market leader we have to implement new standards and show new development directions which stems from our concern about the environment and also about local communities, employees working at our facilities and our clients who want to be more and more socially and ecologically responsible in their actions,” says Robert Dobrzycki, CEO, Panattoni.

“Now Panattoni has over 30 facilities in Poland (of a total area of 1.6m sqm) that were delivered in compliance with BREEAM and LEED guidelines, and another 1.7m sqm of space with certification pending. Already one third of our investment projects has met strict environmental criteria. We are facing more challenges - developing a strategy for the certification of office space in Panattoni investment projects under the Well Building Standard scheme and introducing alternative (low-emission) sources of energy and further solutions optimizing water usage and CO2 emission,” says Emilia Dębowska, adding: “We are also in the process of working on the use of solar PV in selected Panattoni facilities”.

Emilia Dębowska graduated from WSB-National Louis University (marketing and management). She also completed a post-graduate course at the Collegium of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). She has been involved in the real estate business for more than 13 years in Europe and USA.