Groupe Plastivaloire and Filtration Group to produce components for car gearboxes under one roof near Nýřany

A very unusual contract is being implemented by the industrial zone developer Panattoni Europe near Nýřany in the Pilsen Region, Czech Republic. The company is constructing a build-to-suit production hall for two tenants in Panattoni Park Pilsen West. The larger part of 9,000 sqm will be occupied by Groupe Plastivaloire, and the smaller part of 7,000 sqm by Filtration Group. In the first phase, Groupe Plastivaloire will manufacture oil pans for car gearboxes, and Filtration Group will incorporate filters into these pans. This project will create a total of 115 new jobs in the Pilsen Region.

“Transactions like this are very rare. We managed to find a common solution for both the manufacturer and its supplier. Cooperation under one roof completely eliminates logistics between the two plants, saving a lot of time, energy and emissions. Compared to the usual situation, where the successive operations are divided by a distance of, for example, 10 km, it annually saves 10,000 km only on freight transport!” says Pavel Sovička, Panattoni Europe’s Managing Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“Our first production facility in the Czech Republic will be built in Panattoni Park Pilsen West, filling the free space on the map of Central Europe. Thanks to the favourable geographical location, excellent transport infrastructure and immediate cooperation with Filtration Group, a very efficient supply centre for major German car makers will be created,” says Pascal Flieg, Groupe Plastivaloire’s Investment and Industrial Processes Director.

The French company Groupe Plastivaloire is a leading European manufacturer of car interior equipment and a progressive innovator in this industry. Among other things, it specializes in “injection moulding”, a thermodynamic process used to mould plastic granulates. The manufacturer will employ 70 people in the new hall.

“Today’s motto is to produce not only ecologically but also smartly – flexibly, automatically and efficiently. We have experience with Industry 4.0 from our operations in the world, so we are considering implementation of this concept in the new hall in Panattoni Park Pilsen West in the future,” says Bennett West, Filtration Group’s Senior Vice President Supply Chain.

As part of the giant holding company Madison Industries, Filtration Group produces filtration technologies and equipment for liquid and gas filtration, separation of oil mist and oil products from water, etc. The Group focuses on innovation, research & development and sustainable development. Its operations are characterized by production under one roof with its customers, thanks to which it saves about 120 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Filtration Group currently operates 139 locations in almost 30 countries. The new plant near Nýřany will offer 45 jobs.

What also makes the current transaction in Panattoni Park Pilsen West extraordinary is the participation of two leading European consulting companies – Larive and JLL. “I am happy that Groupe Plastivaloire’s entry into the Czech Republic was implemented so fast,” says Emile Roest of Larive. “The joint operation under one roof with the supplier is the ideal solution for Filtration Group,” adds David Vais, Head of JLL’s Industrial Agency.

The building boom near Nýřany confirms that the potential of the Pilsen Region for industrial production and logistics is far from exhausted. The location still benefits from a rich industrial tradition, a great transport infrastructure, a high-quality engineering base, university presence and geographic proximity to Germany. Panattoni Park Pilsen West alone has welcomed six tenants in just two years: Alutech, Sony DADC, IAC, Maurice Ward, and now Groupe Plastivaloire and Filtration Group.