Panattoni Park Cheb

Panattoni Park Cheb

Panattoni Park Cheb lies in immediate vicinity of the German motorway A93. It is a unique location with sufficient labour force that lies within a small distance from Saxon and Bavarian car factories. Cheb is an ideal place to supply to Germany from. The city of Cheb was also ranked among top ten Eastern European cities with the best strategies for supporting foreign direct investment by the prestigious British fDi Intelligence Magazine. There is a great concentration of automotive and engineering industry producers and suppliers in the surrounding border region of the Czech Republic and Germany with significant manufacturers such as Siemens, Eissmann, Audi or Volkswagen.

Available space
55 310 sqm
Existing area
132 630 sqm
Total planned area
187 940 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Cheb


Panattoni Park is surrounded by significant industrial centres in Saxony and Bavaria. There are several factories belonging to Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche located in the northwest triangle of Cheb, Leipzig and Dresden. More BMW, Audi, Siemens or Continental factories are situated in the southwest triangle between Cheb, München and Ingolstadt. Outstanding accessibility to Regensburg, München, Leipzig and Chemnitz (GER) is provided by the A93/ A9/A4/A72 motorways. There is also a European railway corridor from Praha to Cheb and München (GER) and a local railway services connecting the border areas of Germany (Selb, Hof) with Czech region of Cheb and Sokolov. 

There are nearly two million inhabitants and over 70,000 unemployed workers within a 60-minute commuting area of the Czech-German region. More than 400,000 inhabitants are located within the 25-minute range. A strong tradition in the engineering industry ensures enough of qualified labour force. 

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