8,000 sqm for Cartonplast and DENSO in Panattoni Park Mysłowice.

Warsaw - Panattoni Europe, the leader in Poland's industrial space market, has leased out more than 8,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Mysłowice. The space will be taken up by two tenants:Cartonplast, which was represented by the real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle, and DENSO, represented by AXI IMMO brokers.

Cartonplast Group - the European leader in manufacturing, marketing, and servicing of polypropylene pads for the transportation of glass containers and cans for the food and beverage industry - has leased more than 3,640 sqm at Panattoni Park Mysłowice. The space will be used to store plastic products, and the contract was mediated by the real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle.

"Cartonplast Polska was seeking modern warehouse and handling space in Silesia that would be available for immediate use. The company looked at several facilities, and eventually decided on Panattoni Park Mysłowice, which met the most of the selection criteria. The convenient location of the new office will not only enable them to increase customer volumes, but will also have a positive impact on future business development and the company's image" - comments Wojciech Zoń, Senior Consultant at the Industrial and Warehouse Space Department, Jones Lang LaSalle.

The other new customer at the park is the Polish subsidiary of the Japanese firm DENSO, a leading global supplier of components for the automotive industry and manufacturer of advanced technology, systems and components. At the developer's park in Mysłowice, the tenant will take up approx. 4,500 sqm. The space will be used to produce instrument clusters. The contract was mediated by the AXI IMMO brokers.

 "Upper Silesia is the leader in the warehouse market in terms of the number of companies in the automotive sector. Large investments from companies such as Fiat, Opel, Isuzu are attracting many component manufacturers. In the structure of tenants of warehouse and production space in the region, more than 10% are companies from the automotive sector. This is the second position after logistic operators, of which about 35-40% of their clients are companies related to the automotive industry" - said  Anna Głowacz, Director Industrial & Logistic AXI IMMO. 

Panattonni Park Mysłowice has won many industry awards, and is one of the biggest distribution centres nationwide - at full build-out it will comprise 7 buildings totalling approx. 200,000 sqm. The park is situated in the vicinity of the A4 motorway, along the S1 expressway, only 30 kilometres from the airport in Pyrzowice. Its location ensures ideal conditions for domestic as well as international distribution, and an easy access to a qualified labour pool.