Panattoni Europe opts for Smart Roofs from Sense Monitoring

Panattoni Europe has engaged in cooperation with Sense Monitoring, the supplier of smart automation and control systems for flat roof surfaces. Their first joint project will be a facility for a leading logistics provider, currently under construction a short distance from Warsaw. The roof surface in excess of 40,000 sqm will be fitted with the Sense S-One system. It will assist facility management in terms of roof structure integrity and help reduce maintenance costs.

Sense Monitoring is a new Polish enterprise with numerous achievements. They currently protect more than 500,000 sqm of roof surfaces in logistics facilities, factories, shopping centres, as well as sports facilities all over Poland. Sense Monitoring’s solution is based on sensors installed under the roof and a web application which enables constant monitoring of the roof structure. Such a system may be installed in an existing facility and the measurement method does not interfere with current operations inside the building. Sense S-One makes it possible to avoid the consequences of overloading due to insulation soaking, or build-up of water or snow on the roof. The facility manager gains a mobile device which makes their job easier and alerts them when a response or roof maintenance is needed. The Sense S-One platform is based on the Amazon Web Services cloud, the most secure server for data processing and archiving.

The first joint project of Panattoni Europe and Sense Monitoring involves a building for a leading logistics provider, located a short distance from Warsaw. It is estimated that the cost of installation of the system for constant monitoring of the roof structure will be recovered within a year of its operation. Panattoni Europe delivers to its clients the best solutions in building technology, not only at the construction phase, but also for the purposes of ongoing maintenance. That is why the Sense S-One solution will be offered to those who expect low maintenance costs and cutting-edge solutions in their buildings.

For Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director Panattoni Europe, “Sense S-One is an excellent example of how modern technologies can be harnessed in facility management, specifically in roof structure maintenance. Its ongoing monitoring, registration of variables, and analysis – including weather forecasts – not only contribute to cost optimisation in facility maintenance, but also make it possible to address changing conditions well in advance”.

According to Tomasz Dudek, Vice President of Sense Monitoring “Cooperation with Panattoni Europe means that we satisfy the most stringent requirements of the leader in the warehousing market. Our solution brings measurable benefits to the owner of the building, its manager, as well as the occupier. It is the perfect embodiment of the concept of Industry 4.0. The ever-growing number of our deployments gives us confidence that with time roof structure monitoring will become a standard fixture in any large-format building".

Panattoni Europe is part of the Panattoni Development Company, one of the largest industrial developers in the world, with 26 offices in North America and Europe. Since coming to Central Europe, the company has delivered more than 7.5 million sqm of modern industrial space altogether in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. The company supports local businesses by delivering multifunctional logistics and industrial facilities suitable for various purposes, including build-to-suit projects which may be custom tailored to the user’s individual requirements. For the purposes of growing its operations, the developer also acquires land, securing sites for new investments in the most strategic locations. Among key tenants are companies such as Amazon, Arvato Services Polska, Coty Cosmetics, DSV, H&M, Intermarché, Leroy Merlin, ND Logistics, Still, Schenker, Selgros and Tesco. Apart from Poland, Panattoni Europe has offices in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Germany.