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Did you know Panattoni offers exciting real estate investment opportunities?  


We offer a wide range of investments capabilities across the risk spectrum, from core strategies focused on stabilized, income-producing investments, to opportunistic property development.

Our pipeline matches all types of investment criterias including:

  •   Investment volumes: 2-100+ MEur
  •   Countries:  UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania
  •   Locations:  inner-city, sub-urban, logistics hubs, airports, harbours
  •   Tenants: E-commerce, 3PL, industrial, express delivery, freight forwarders
  •   Types of properties: generic warehouse, build-to-suit (BTS), parcel distribution, e-fulfillment, light   industrial
  •   Strategies:

o   standing assets or future assets development intentions,

o   single tenant or multitenant,

o   single properties or portfolio programs,

o   short-term or long-term hold.

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